Revisting Art!

An introductory workshop
on art history
un augmented reality
for children aged 4 to 10

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to discover
art history
in an innovative way!

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BavAR[t] est une application de réalité augmentée pour l'art et la culture
Workshop for children

Revisting art

Revisiting art: a workshop for children offering a playful introduction to art history. About 15 masterpieces of art history, remixed in "cartoon" mode, with a touch of humor :) An experience that comes with an educational booklet-quiz.

Workshop duration : Workshop in groups of 10 - 2h
Exhibition duration : 1 month onsite
Category : Educational workshop
Themes : children, pedagogy, classical, art history.
  • The educational workshop Art revisited! offers an immersive experience to discover the history of art, for young people.

    Introduction to art history for young audiences
    in a playful and immersive way.

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Revisiting art! An introductory workshop to art history for children.

Workshop details

This workshop proposes to discover in augmented reality about fifteen masterpieces of art history. These works are revisited in 3D, in a light and humorous tone, suitable for children. A fun and modern way to introduce children to the great classics of art!

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Revisiting Art workshop set up at Necker!

What is the "Revisiting art" workshop?

  • This immersive and fun experience comes with an educational booklet presenting the original artworks simply: place of preservation, date of creation, a quick description of the author and its history. A small unusual anecdote about the artwork is added to each description.
  • Workshop details: 2 hours discovery of the remixed artworks by capturing them in players' close environment, on the site chosen for the experiment. Discovery of the original work and its importance in art history. The artworks remain on display for one month following the workshop: the organizers can access them whenever they want to continue the experience by themselves.
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