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What is augmented reality ?
Hey, art and culture enthusiast! Augmented reality is like a magical brush that adds creative touches to our reality. It's an incredible way for artists to explore new horizons by integrating virtual elements into their artworks. Imagine a sculpture coming to life with animations or a virtual art gallery where you can discover masterpieces from around the world without leaving your living room. Augmented reality is a true artistic explosion that opens doors to unprecedented cultural experiences!
well, what is BavAR[t] then?
BavAR[t] is an innovative application that reinvents the way we interact with art. It uses augmented reality to transform our environment into a virtual art gallery. This allows you to explore the real world in search of virtual artworks scattered in different locations. The application detects your position, and once you are near the points on the map, the camera of your smartphone opens and overlays virtual artistic creations on your screen, anchoring them in your physical environment.

You can then walk around the streets of your city and discover sculptures, paintings, or even interactive installations hidden in specific locations. As you get closer to these virtual artworks, you can view them in detail and interact with them. For example, you can obtain information about the artist, listen to audio commentary about the artwork, and discover videos related to the piece.

For each discovered artwork, it is then "captured" and added to your personal collection! You can then view and revisit the artworks whenever you want, even from the comfort of your home. Furthermore, for each "captured" artwork, you collect points that can be exchanged for cultural offers!

You can also participate in artistic quests by following pre-established routes that guide you to hidden artistic treasures, and as a bonus, allow you to win exclusive gifts!
Does BavAR[t] collect my data?
And no! BavAR[t] doesn't collect any data, doesn't record your location, and doesn't sell any contact information! Our business model is based on partnerships with cultural institutions, cities, or companies. There is also no advertising in BavAR[t].
Do I have to pay to use BavAR[t]?
No! Our application is free to download and to use. However, the uploading of augmented reality experiences with personalized content is a paid service, and it is through these uploads that BavAR[t] can sustain itself! We will never ask you for your banking information."
Is creating an account on BavAR[t] mandatory?
No! There is a "Guest" mode available for beginners to test BavAR[t] without signing up. In this mode, you can capture 30 artworks, but beyond that, you will need to create an account. To be able to save your artworks and revisit them on demand, you will also need to create an account.
Do you need to move near the pinpoints to see an artwork?
Yes, indeed! You need to be within a range of 5 to 20 meters near the indicated point on the map for the artwork to appear. Therefore, you need to enable location services on your device.
How does it work to view an artwork in augmented reality?
Once the camera opens, it goes through three steps: first, the camera detects the ground, and once the ground is detected, a small hand appears. Then, you click on that small hand, and finally, you raise your phone. The "Wow" effect is guaranteed! Don't forget to grant BavAR[t] permission to access your camera!
What are the accumulated points used for?
The accumulated points serve as a form of currency within BavAR[t]. They can be used to unlock additional features, exclusive content, or redeem rewards within the application. Users can collect points by capturing artworks, completing quests, or participating in special events. These points add a gamified element to the BavAR[t] experience and provide incentives for continued engagement with the app.

In the app, there is an online "Shop" where you can exchange your points for offers provided by our partners: movie tickets, museum admissions, exhibitions, goodies, discounts, and more. The list is extensive! Each time you encounter an artwork, you earn one or more points depending on the rarity of the artwork.
Are the points personal and linked to my account?
Yes, the points are personal and linked to your account. They are associated with your individual profile and can be accumulated and used exclusively by you. But you can create or join a team to capture even more points. It's up to you to build your own community.
How can I review the artworks I have captured?
To review the artworks you have captured, you can access the "My captured AR[t]s" section within the app. There, you will find a gallery or a list of the artworks you have captured. You can browse through them, view detailed information about each artwork, and relive the experience.
Can I also participate and share my artistic creations on BavAR[t]?
Yes, you can definitely participate and share your artistic creations on BavAR[t]! The application provides a platform for users to showcase their own augmented reality artworks and experiences. You can create and upload your own AR creations, whether they are sculptures, paintings, interactive installations, or any other form of artistic expression. This allows you to contribute to the growing collection of virtual artworks and share your creativity with the BavAR[t] community.

You need to click on the "+" icon in the main menu bar, then fill out the form that corresponds to the type of content you want to submit. There are three types of content: image carousels, similar to Instagram, 3D creations, or referencing an existing physical artwork, such as a piece of street art. You choose the location where your artwork will be placed, making it visible to other players. We will take care of moderation and validation after submission.
What are the technical limitations for sharing my 3D creations?
In BavAR[t], we use the GLB format, which is the binary version of the GLTF. It is very convenient as it embeds the shader, making it similar to the JPEG of 3D. The GLB format is natively supported by Blender, making it easy to convert your 3D models. BavAR[t] supports up to 170K polygons and a file size limit of 10 MB. We limit file sizes to ensure a smooth user experience, especially in areas with weak network coverage. If you have any kind of technical difficulties, please don't hesitate to contact us at
How long does the moderation process take?
The duration of the moderation process may vary depending on the volume of content submitted to BavAR[t]. At BavAR[t], we take the time to conduct thorough research. We pay attention to the chosen locations, copyrights, and copyright infringement. You will receive an email once your content is validated. It typically takes us less than 24 hours to complete the validation process.
Can we reference street art?
Yes, you can reference street art on BavAR[t]. When submitting your content, you have the option to reference an existing physical artwork, such as a piece of street art. This allows users to discover and interact with virtual representations of street art in augmented reality. So you actively contribute to the BavAR[t] community and inform other users that there is something cool to see at that particular location!

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