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L'exposition Musée Muses, de Codex Urbanus, en réalité augmentée avec BavAR[t]!
Exhibition Street Art All public

Exhibition Musée Muses, Nuit Blanche 2023, Paris

We invite you to rediscover the exhibition Musée Muses, by Codex Urbanus , already presented in spring 2022, but this time in augmented reality! Scheduled on Saturday, June 3, 2023, on the occasion of the Parisian "Nuit Blanche".

Digital quest Classical art All public

Digital quest : Artwork hunting in Laval!

A digital quest to capture art in Laval! On the occasion of the Laval Virtual festival, BavAR[t], the Laval Virtual, as well as the Laval Tourism Information Center join forces to allow locals to discover new technologies and the festival activities! Scheduled from 05/04/2023 to 16/04/2023 in Laval.

Digital quest Music All public

Musical walk: Hartmann & Moussorgski, Paris

An augmented reality tour for discovering the Russian painter Viktor Hartmann and his composer friend Mussorgsky. It is by being inspired by ten of his works that his friend Modest Mussorgsky composed, one year after the death of the painter, his suite for piano Pictures at an Exhibition. A musical stroll to discover the musician and the painter, in collaboration with the non-profit Et Voilà, mixing 3D, piano and augmented reality ! Scheduled from 18/03/23 in Paris and Romainville

Postal card augmented reality tour with BavAR[t], in collaboration with the Card Postal Museum, in Baud, France.
Exhibition Cultural All Public

Postal Card Museum, Baud

We are currently creating monthly digital exhibition using postal card collection of the Postal Card Museum of Baud in France. A monthly highlight of their digital assets, including 3D modelling from some of their collection sample!

Nice digital augmented reality exhibition using the digital content of the fine art museum of Rennes, France, using the application BavAR[t]
Exhibition Digitization All Public

Rennes Fine Art Museum , Rennes

We are currently creating monthly digital exhibition using the artwork collection of the Rennes Fine Art Museum. A monthly highlight of their digital content, including some 3D scans of their collections assets!

A digital quest across the Paris 18 neighborhood using BavAR[t]!
Digital Quest Education Tout public

Paris 18 Librairies Digital Quest, Paris

We are currently working on a huge Paris libraries digital contest, creating a giant digital quest across the Paris 18 neighborhood for their users!


Sample Past Projects

Digital quest Event All Public

Festival Et Voilà, Paris

We are creating a musical digital quest to promote the classical music festival of the non-profit Et Voilà, mixing 3D, audio, and augmented reality! Scheduled on February, 10-12 in Paris 18.

Pop women Festival, a festival in Reims dedicated to women history and empowerment.
Quest Digitization All public

Pop Women Festival, Reims

We are currently working in collaboration with the Pop Women Festival, creating a digital quest across Reims to highlight some iconic personality struggling for women's rights. Scheduled in March 23, in Reims!

Art Workshops in Paris 18 Basket, with the girls from the sport education division
Workshop Education Children

Workshop Paris Basket 18, Paris

With the association Paris Basket 18, a workshop for high school girls for an innovative artistic approach and fun!

Treasure Hunt Education Teenagers

Paris Façettes Festival, Paris

A festival dedicated to mental illnesses for teenagers and young adults. BavAR[t] was among the speakers, with a custom-made treasure hunt!

Quest Heritage All Public

Citadelle de Marseille

During the European Heritage Days, the Citadelle opened its doors to the public. The opportunity for us to deploy an original art hunt among the mazes of the old fort!

The Shakirail in Paris is an artist residency located in the 18th neighborhood
Quest Digitization All Public

Shakirail Artist Residency , Paris 18

3D digitization of the works - sculptures, paintings, clothes - of the artists in residence, then organization of a treasure hunt in the neighborhood for the inhabitants. The final gift, for players catching all the digital artworks: a two-hour workshop with the Shakirail artists!

Quest Digitization Children

Children Hospital Necker, Paris

The workshop "Revisiting Art" offers children an introduction to art history through 15 great classics of art, remixed in a cartoon way, to discover in augmented reality together with its educational booklet.

Atelier art avec les enfants de l'association Sierra Prod! Sculpture, peinture, puis numérisation des oeuvres, et hop, déposé dans BavAR[t]!
Atelier Éducation Enfants

Workshop with the children of Sierra Prod association , Paris

Art workshop for primary school children, in collaboration with Sierra Prod (Paris) and Hawaf (Palestine). Digitization of their works, followed by a virtual exhibition in the gardens of the Villa Radet.

Exhibition Design All public

Urban furniture at 104, Paris

Restitution of the 3D projects of urban furniture designed for teenagers, by the students of the National School of Decorative Arts. The presentation of the projects took place at the 104, in augmented reality, via BavAR[t]!

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