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    Sacrebleu LLC is a creative agency based in New-York

BavAR[t], an Augmented Reality platform

BavAR[t] is designed for both the general public, for exploring art & culture, and for the professionals, such as cultural institutions, artists museums, galleries or creative brands, as a tool to promote themselves.


Catch the Augmented reality objects close to you and grab AR[t] points! Exchange them for cultural goods.


Hide messages in the real world! Send personal message to your friends and drop them on our map.


Submit your creation on our platform, and drop them on our map! Use BavAR[t] as a promotion platform.

BavAR[t] is a new augmented reality platform for Art & Culture!


BavAR[t] is a geolocation augmented reality platform including an AR chat. Come with us to catch art & Culture items everywhere! Grab AR[t] points each time you're watching an augmented reality experience. Exchange these points for artistic and cultural goods! AR integrated chat allows you to communicate between each other, but also to leave hidden messages in various locations around the world!


Cultural institutions, artists, museums, galleries or creative brands can upload their 2D and 3D animated creations and drop them on our map, creating a new point-of-Interest visible to the players. Swipe in augmented reality, street art murals referencement, or animated 3D creations, BavAR[t] is designed for everyone! Lack of imagination, needs to have on-demand content? We also design your augmented reality campaign.

BavAR[t] offers you to discover all kind of art!

From game art to artchitecture!

3D art

Street Art

Game Art

2D Art

Playing BavAR[t], you can ...

An augmented reality Game, as a Pokemon’Go of Art & Culture!

Catch pieces of art everywhere in the world!

BavAR[t] is a Geo-Tracking Game: catch art & culture items everywhere in the world!

Unlock Cultural Goods!

Grab AR[t] points when catching items. Exchange them for cultural and artistic goods!

Share with your friends!

Hide augmented reality messages in the real world and share your favorites art items with your friends!

Send customized pieces of art to your friends!

Use our internal augmented reality chat to share creations with your friends!

As a professional, you can ...

Use BavAR[t] to promote your art or build your creative campaign in Augmented Reality!

Want a creative team to bring into life your crazy idea in 3D?

On-demand content creation: how it works?

That's How We Do It

1. Explain your objectives

2. Strategic ideas

3. 2D Concept art

4. 3D creations

5. Importing in BavAR[t]

Meet the BavAR[t] Team

Creative Nerds

Chloe Guennou is currenlty CTO of Sacrebleu LLC, an Consulting Art Agency based in New-York.

C. Guennou is former astrophysicist, and now a research engineer, passionate about art in general. With a strong scientific background, she brings the maths to the team! Eyes on the stars, but the feet firmly on the ground!

Chloé Guennou
Founder & CEO of AR[t] Studio
Yannick Pazze is currently CEO of Sacrebleu LLC, an Consulting Art Agency based in New York.

Y. Pazzé is a French international and multicultural business developer with experience in sales, market research, business plan writing, marketing and project management. He founded Sacrebleu, in 2017 a creative Agency based in New York.

Yannick Pazzé
Founder & CEO of Sacrebleu

Our Story

BavAR[t] was born from the collaboration of two companies: AR[t] Studio, in France, and Sacrebleu LLC, based in New-York.

We started working in this project in 2020, while we were lockdown at home, during the pandemic. It originates from our wishes to democatize art & culture, and spread art everywhere, not only in main cities. This is now done! Using BavAR[t] you can easily spread your art wherever you wish to, and in augmented reality!

Application development 100%
100% Complete
3D design90%
95% Complete
Creative Marketing95%
95% Complete

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