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BavAR[t] helps cultural institutions gain visibility and enhance their digital collections!


Enhance your digital collections
in augmented reality with BavAR[t]

Discover how!
BavAR[t] is a gamified mobile application that helps cultural actors showcase their collections to a new audience.

New audience

Through BavAR[t]'s gaming system,
access a new target of visitors!

Discover the game!
BavAR[t] uses augmented reality to take art beyond walls!

Augmented reality

Take your collections on a journey
beyond walls through augmented reality!

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BavAR[t], the Pokémon Go of art and culture!

About BavAR[t]

An innovative cultural mediation tool

BavAR[t] is a playful and innovative augmented reality platform that transforms the world into a virtual museum beyond traditional walls.

By gamifying art and culture through an application/game with mechanics similar to those of Pokémon Go, cultural institutions can reach a new audience, valorize their collections, interact, and communicate in a new way with the younger generation, engaging their audience interactively.

BavAR[t] offers a mobile consumer application in the form of a playful game, but also an innovative augmented reality platform for cultural actors, who can then imagine new off-site communication campaigns to increase their visibility.

BavAR[t] offers you...

An augmented reality platform, coupled with a consumer game, BavAR[t] helps cultural institutions, tourism and heritage actors, as well as creative industries to:

  • Valorize digital collections
  • Reach a new audience
  • Access augmented reality without technical development
  • High-quality augmented reality rendering
  • Modern innovation
  • An engaged community of art enthusiasts

Integrate your collections into the BavAR[t] game!

And valorize your collections
innovatively, in augmented reality.

Game Objective:

Collect Artworks!

In BavAR[t], the player embodies an art piece hunter. The goal? To collect the maximum number of virtual artworks spotted on the map, which travel outside the walls via augmented reality. Thus, the player can capture and discover artworks from around the world in their neighborhood! A true museum beyond the walls, providing a new access to the world of art and culture.

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BavAR[t], a fun cultural geocaching app!

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Our Upcoming Events and Trade Shows

14 May 24
BavAR[t] participates in the Grand Market of small innovation producers, an event organized by the Alsace region, in Strasbourg, on May 14.

Grand Market of Small Innovation Producers

Les studios du Rhin - Strasbourg

23 May 24
BavAR[t] participates in Vivatech, and will pitch at the Huawei booth!


Paris expo, porte de Versailles, Paris

24 May
BavAR[t] will participate in the Hauts-de-Seine digital Games, on May 24!

Hauts-de-Seine Digital Games

Paris expo, porte de Versailles, Paris

Jean Piero is an artist inspired by the rocks of Penmarc'h in Brittany, who has given life to the rocks by creating faces with charcoal, red brick, and plaster. His 'Tronches de roches' are imaginative and poetic characters!
May 9, 2024

What's Up with My Face?

"Tronches de roche", by artist Jean Piero, made even more immersive through collaboration with BavAR[t] to showcase his creations. Inspired by the rocks of Penmarc'h in Finistère, Jean Piero brought to life an imaginary people using simple and familiar materials such as charcoal, red brick, and plaster. His 'Tronches de roche' are unique creations, imbued with poetry and absurdity, captivating the imagination and inviting reflection.

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Sport in 1900: an innovative exhibition showcasing sports activities of the past. An exhibition available until the end of the Olympic Games!
April 9, 2024

The Future is the Past…
… So We Dug Up the Old Snapshots.

"Sport in 1900" is the result of a new collaboration between the Museum of the Travelling Cardboard (Museum of the postcard) and BavAR[t]. Embark on a captivating journey through time and space to discover a collection of vintage postcards, offering a colorful and authentic glimpse of the 1900 Olympic Games. An exhibition that invites you to explore a fascinating aspect of the past, through the eyes of athletes and spectators of the time.

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BavAR[t] was at the Gaïté lyrique for the Festival and Prize of Urban Literatures! We presented our project of an outdoor bookstore there.
April 23, 2024

It's Not About the Fall…

With our outdoor bookstore, we were at the Gaite Lyrique for the Festival and Prize of Urban Literatures! 🎉 For its 1st edition, this event honored urban novels, sparkling authors and books, women and men engaged in literary, philosophical, sociological, artistic, and journalistic worlds. At the heart of this emblematic place in Paris, we had the pleasure of presenting BavAR[t] and our "Outdoor Bookstore".

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A powerful communication tool
serving art and culture, in augmented reality!.

BavAR[t], the PokémonGo of art and culture! Capture art in augmented reality.


BavAR[t] is a game for the general public, but also a great tool for cultural mediation for museums and heritage actors.

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